A Snapshot of Mary

Mary is a professional event photographer based in Vancouver, BC. She took a keen interest from a very young age and began working as an assistant for her father's architectural photography business. By the time Mary was sixteen she launched her own photography business specializing in architectural and art reproduction photography. She worked for many high end clients such as art galleries, architects, construction companies and engineers. Mary’s work has been published in numerous magazines, brochures, websites and catalogs.

As her career progressed she made the switch to concert, festival, conference and band promotion photography. She now dedicates her summers entirely to festival photography, and has teamed up with many bands to work on promotional shoots, concert photography and album covers. Mary works for two alternative magazines in Vancouver covering large scale concerts. She uses state of the art equipment and software to create high quality images. Mary’s goal is to use her camera to open a world of new connections, opportunities, and most importantly, adventures.

- Dedicated to those moments where you say "We're going to want to remember this".